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  The main campus of the University of Ottawa                                                The Advanced Research Complex.   

  is located near Ottawa's beautiful Rideau Canal.



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English link: https://uottawa.njoyn.com/CL2/xweb/XWeb.asp?NTKN=c&clid=27081&Page=JobDetails&Jobid=J0220-0815&BRID=255971&lang=1

French link: https://uottawa.njoyn.com/CL2/xweb/XWeb.asp?NTKN=c&page=JobDetails&clid=27081&JobId=J0220-0815&BRID=255971&BPAC=&lang=2


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  • April 2019 - Audrey, Marianne and Kristen succesfully complete and defend their Honours theses. Great job!


  • March 2019 - Kristen presents her poster at the  Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program’s  (UROP) annual symposium. Congrats!


  • January 2019 - Excited to collaborate with Prof. Menard and Prof. Park in our new project "Sensitive Detection and Identification or Airborne Chemicals and Biological Agents" funded by the Department of National Defense.


  • January 2019  - Honoured to have dinner with Nobel Laureate Prof. Donna Strickland at the Canadian Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics


  • November 2018 - Congratulations Justin and Ryan for succesfully defending your theses!


  • September 2018 - Welcome to the group Sam! Samantha startes her MSc. Physics co-supervised with Prof. Menard.
  • September 2018 - Welcome to the group Audrey, Kristen, Marianne! Good luck with your honors theses!
  • September 2018 - Welcome to the group Rodrigo! Rodrigo is a visiting student from Brazil.
  • August 2018 - Merci, Emmanuelle, our AFM expert, for your hard work this summer!


  • August 2018 - End of two weeks of productive discussions seeding new coolaborations with Prof. Dan Killelea.


  • May 2018 - Welcome to the group to our summer undergraduate students: Aasad, Italy, Frank, Colin!
  • May 2018 - Welcome to the group, Emmanuelle! She is visiting from France as a summer thesis student.
  • May 2018 - Welcome to the group, Vivian, for your summer COOP term!
  • March 2018 - Luican-Mayer lab is awarded an NSERC Engage grant  for development of enviromental sensors
  • March 2018 - Good job, Ryan, on your first APS March Meeting talk!


  • September 2017 - Congratulations Sebastian for succesfully defending your MSc research project.


  • July 2017 - Congratulations Florence for winning the best undergraduate poster award at WIPC 2017! Her poster title: "Electrochemical etching of sharp tips for scanning probe microscopy applications"



  • April 2017 - Prof. Luican-Mayer finishes her CAP lecture tour at six Canadian universities
  • April 2017 - Welcome to our new summer research studendets: Katherine and Ahmed!
  • April 2017 - Welcome to the group Sebastian! 
  • April 2017 - We get the keyes to our brand new lab in ARC building


  • March 2017 - Welcome to the group Andrew!
  • February 2017 - CFI funding was awarded for the purchase of a Scanning Tunneling Microcope! The news: https://media.uottawa.ca/news/CFI-john-r-evans-2017
  • September 2016 - Welcome to the group Justin!
  • September 2016 - Congratulations Rouzbeh for completing your COOP summer!
  • June 2016 - Welcome to the group Florence!
  • May 2016 - Anastasia, Ryan and Rouzbeh join the lab for the summer. Welcome to the group!
  • April 2016 - Luican-Mayer lab is awarded the NSERC Discovery grant for the next five years
  • January 2016 - Luican-Mayer lab starts at uOttawa!